How do you benefit health wise while riding a snowboard?

Posted on: 24 March 2017

Do you like to float through powder or hammer chutes? Ride the rails? Or cruise combed runs? Snowboarding is a winter sport that is enjoyed in different terrains. It offers quite a host of health benefits to snowboarders. Read on for more insight. 

Muscle strengthening 

All your major muscles are going to be strengthened. While riding a snowboard, you typically use your quads, calves and hamstrings. The muscles in your feet and ankles help you to ride the snowboard while your core muscles help you in balancing. Additionally, riding a snowboard also exercises the arm and shoulder muscles, which you use for balancing and picking yourself up in case you fall.

Cardiovascular workout

Snowboarding provides an intense workout for the cardiovascular system and helps shed calories. An average snowboarder can expect to shed over four hundred calories per hour. It's a sure way to lose excess body fat. 

Reduced stress levels 

Similar to any other physical exercise, riding a snowboard releases endorphins in your body. These are simply neurochemicals associated with feelings of joy and well being. This means that snowboarding on a regular basis would in turn lead to constantly high levels of endorphin. As a result, you're likely to have a good mood more often than not. This helps reduce life stress and supports emotional health. 

Improved body flexibility

Riding a snowboard often involves constant change of route directions and speed. This helps improve your overall body flexibility while making those sharp turns and high jumps. Moreover, concentration is key while snowboarding since you need be aware of the changes in the snow surface while riding. Good balance is also a prerequisite in snowboarding. Over time, your balance will be better as you become more adept at the sport. 

The above-mentioned health benefits are not limited to only proficient snowboarders. Even beginners can enjoy these health benefits as long as they practice often. Ideally, beginners should go through a few lessons from a professional instructor prior to heading out on the ice.

Additionally, if you wish to maximize on these snowboarding health benefits, then you should choose slopes that are suitable to your skill level. Remember, riding on a terrain that is above your skill level exposes you to risk of injuries. As you learn and become proficient in snowboarding, you can shift to steeper, more difficult terrain. Now that you know the benefits of snowboarding, check out a shop like Find Sports to buy your first snowboard.