Types of Self-Defence Ammunition

Posted on: 21 February 2017

Ammunition knowledge is a crucial part of owning any handgun. You need to select the most suitable type to use depending on the purpose of your firearm. In addition, the right type of ammunition is a good way to help you get the most optimal performance while at the same time ensuring that you and your handgun are safe in the process. In most cases, the different types of ammunition commercially available are usually indicated in terms of sizes. Generally, the type of ammunition you buy should always match the calibre of your handgun. Most manufacturers specify the exact type of ammunition to use on their handguns. Never attempt to try out any other ammunition on your firearm other than the types specified for your firearm.

When it comes to self-defense, there is a wide variety of self-defense ammunition available out there. One common characteristic of self-defense ammunition is the ability to deliver just enough impact to help keep you safe and avert any dangerous situations. Here are three of the most popular types of ammunition you need to know about.

.380 Automatic

The .380 Automatic is one of the largest and most practical cartridges available. It can easily be adapted for use on small handguns. It is designed for weapons like automatic pocket pistols. It is also considered adequate for most self-defense scenarios. The .380 Automatic is also considered one of the smallest calibres available for use as defensive ammunition.

.38 Special

The .38 special is particularly designed for use with revolvers. It is arguably, the most preferred revolver cartridge to be used. You can get the .38 special in almost all countries. It comes in two variants, namely the standard and +P. The +P variety is a more recent powerful version designed for modern revolvers. Older guns cannot handle the +P due to certain design changes.  Before trying the +P, you need to verify that your firearm is designed to shoot it. The .38 special is a well-balanced and an all-round handgun cartridge. It is widely used in match shooting, thanks to its high accuracy.


The 9mm is one of the least expensive ammunitions. It is stronger than the .380. It is also very practical and also designed for use on small firearms. The 9mm is also one of the most popular types of ammunition used for handguns designed for concealed carry. It is also one of the most popular handgun cartridges worldwide thanks to its availability and low cost.