4 Reasons to Pick a Quad Bike Over a Dirt Bike

Posted on: 24 March 2017

If you like to get your adrenalin glands pumping by heading off-road, you've probably thought about picking up either a dirt bike or a quad bike. Both are excellent for taming rougher terrain and enjoying the great outdoors, but there are several reasons why you should pick up a quad bike instead of a dirt bike, and here are just four.

1. Stability

First and foremost, quad bikes offer their riders a relatively stable platform, especially compared to dirt bikes. Sitting on four wide wheels instead of standing on two thin wheels means that you'll be more confident heading over rough terrain, especially when the ground underfoot is slick or the wind is strong.  

2. Comfort

Dirt bikes are made more for racing than for exploring. That can be great when racing is all you need them for, but it isn't such an ideal situation when you want to do anything else. If you'd like to head out down the trail for more than an hour or two, you're likely to find that a dirt bike, with its thinner seat and less forgiving suspension, is going to become uncomfortable. Quad bikes are made to be a lot more forgiving over long distances, so they're better when you want to go far. This doesn't mean they aren't also nice when you just want to gun the throttle and have some fun – it just means they're more versatile.

3. Packing ability

The fact that quad bikes are more advantageous for covering longer distances is enhanced by the fact that they allow you to carry plenty of cargo. They generally have stronger engines and more room for storage, so you'll be able to use yours to carry anything from camping gear to hunting gear, as long as you make sure to balance out the load. With dirt bikes, you'll be able to take very little except yourself. Since you need to keep balancing your body with the bike, even wearing a small backpack can be a bad idea.

4. Utility

As well as being able to carry items, most quad bikes are also capable of pulling items. You should be able to tow another quad if one gets into trouble, and some quads will even be rated to tow small trailers. This isn't something that all riders require, but it's a definite point in favour of quads if you want something that can suit practical as well as recreational purposes.