3 Accessories That Make Caravanning With Mobility Problems Easier

Posted on: 25 May 2016

If you have mobility problems but love caravanning, there are a number of caravan accessories you can use to help you cope with the unique challenges of life in a caravan, so you don't have to give up your holiday. The mobility aids you use at home, such as a battery operated jar opener or shower seat, will still be required to make your caravan holiday as enjoyable as possible, but the following three caravan accessories are invaluable to those with mobility problems:

Step With A Handrail

If you find it difficult to step up into the caravan or have balance problems, use a step with a handrail. Lightweight caravan steps can be stored just inside the door of the caravan, and the attached handrail can help keep you steady as you step into or out of the caravan. Choose steps that have non-slip grip pads, particularly if you also want to use the steps inside the caravan to reach ceiling-height cupboards or shelves.

Powered Jockey Wheel

Muscle stiffness and joint inflammation can be exacerbated when you have to manually manoeuvre your caravan onto your pitch at each site you visit. The twisting and turning of the jockey wheel handle can be avoided by using a powered jockey wheel. Simply attach the powered jockey wheel to the drawbar and choose the direction you want to move in before using the traction handle to glide your caravan into its allocated pitch.

Hydraulic Corner Stabilisers

An improperly stabilised caravan isn't secure, particularly in bad weather. However, adjusting the caravan levellers by hand is time-consuming and hard on your joints and muscles. If you have muscle stiffness or fatigue, you'll really struggle to stabilise the caravan manually, but hydraulic corner stabilisers use an integrated computer and sensor pads on each leveller to adjust each corner of your caravan until it's secure on your chosen spot. All you have to do is touch a button and let the stabilisers do their job, so there's no need to bend, twist or turn.

There are other caravan accessories you may find useful depending on your individual mobility challenges, and staff at a caravan accessory store can recommend products if you explain what it is you struggle with and what you'd like to be able to do more comfortably. Being prepared can help you enjoy your holiday, so try out your chosen accessories before you go and don't forget to enjoy yourself.